Found some errors in community & webmail

  • Hello.
    I'm new here, and slowly adapting myself to Vivaldi browser.
    I've found some errors in community and webmail services.

    1. Profile delete error

    I have once made an ID, but mistaken for wrong one. So I wanted to delete an existed one to make a new one.
    When I tried to delete the profile for "Delete the profile" on profile page, but failed.
    I asked the support team to manually delete my account from DB, and finally did it, thanks to Mr. Shpankov, but after I've made a new ID and tried to delete once again as a trial, I've failed again.

    If you want to know properly about this, admins, ask Mr. Shpankov.

    2. Profile modification error, esp. Avatar

    On profile page, I can't modify or upload my avatar image.
    I don't know why, but webpage prints out the error.

    3. Webmail server setting error

    I'm using iOS devices. Once I've connected to webmail and tried to install an iOS profile to make my mail app available to see webmail, but failed.

    Seeing iOS profile to see why, the webmail server setting seems wrong. SMTP server was set to durante.viv.ext:993. It might be a mistake from virtually testing operation while admins were making services.

    I wish these problems were solved in few days.


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