Major issue with passwords

  • Okay, I already made a similar thread, but I wanted to start again because this to me is a very serious bug!

    The passwords keep disappearing from my profile! One second they are there, the other they are not! I remove an extension = passwords disappear. I try to re-import them, nothing happens. I go to home/config/vivaldi, change it's name to "vivaldi.bak", re-import bookmarks and passwords, it works - I delete the new profile and go back to the old one, and passwords are there... I go to "clean cache/cookies in the past hour", passwords disappear...

    So it's a major nuisance... And I really think it deserves looking into it. I'm using Linux Mint 18, Mate edition. 64 bit.

  • Update: Restarting the computer seems to be fixing the issue, though I am still not completely sure what is triggering it 😕

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    You should inspect your running processes. There may be Vivaldi zombies from crashe browser sessions blocking the login database.

    Close Vivaldi.
    Open a shell
    Show all running Vivaldi processes with ps -aux | grep -i vivaldi
    Terminate all running vivaldi processes

  • @Gwen-Dragon , thanks for answering! I'm afraid you'll have to explain that a bit better to me as I am a newbie when it comes to code and stuff.

    I typed what you said in terminal and got the following "reply" - aliante 13980 0.0 0.0 15756 984 pts/1 S+ 16:17 0:00 grep --color=auto -i vivaldi

    Does that mean anything to you?

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    If your passords cant be retrieved, you should close Vivaldi.
    And check for rmeaing processes running in Background.

    Yes, i try to explain it:
    Start a shell
    typed ps aux shows all running processes
    the list is sent by a pipe | to the next program grep
    grep -i vivaldi fidna all text containing vivaldi, that means all processes from list generated by ps

    Your showed:

    aliante 13980 0.0 0.0 15756 984 pts/1 S+ 16:17 0:00 grep --color=auto -i vivaldi

    That is only the grep process, no vivaldi processes running.

    May be this helps:

    1. Open chrome://settings/search#background%20apps
    2. Deselect "Continue running background apps ...."
    3. Restart Vivaldi

  • @Gwen-Dragon try #killall vivaldi before you restart.
    I use Lastpass and disable native password. Its a bit sluggish for some due to encryption but for those with patience or a zoomy connection it rocks.

  • What you told me to do... Made things worse. Now the bookmarks don't have icons even when I open them. And everything is messed up, and I keep getting crash/report windows...

    That said, resetting the computer made everything good again... So yeah... Something weird is going on.


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