Problems after update

  • After the latest update, 1.5.658.44 (Stable), my facebook videos are all blurred out:

    alt text

    and when I try to open links in new tabs, the page loads but nothing is displayed:

    alt text

    Any help? Thank you!

  • Same happened to me, FB videos are not working (I assume because of some kind of codec?) and pages are loaded, but nothing is displayed until restart of browser. I wasn't able to fix it by myself, there are no extensions which may cause it, reinstall and registry cleaning didn't help also... I've just made a bug report and downgraded to 1.4.589.11 'cause I can't wait with this to another stable release. You can do the same, 1.4.589.11 is doing great job for me.

  • said in Problems after update:

    facebook videos

    do you have hardware acceleration enabled? 1.5.658.44 version, on my pc, breaks youtube html5 videos, they are black.
    with hardware acc. turned off they work, including facebook videos. but the playback isn't very smooth in 1080p and there are vsync tearing issues. for some reason the software codec isn't capable of properly using 3.7ghz and 6 cores.

    type "chrome://settings/search#hardware" in the address bar and change the setting.


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