[Bug] Hovering over a tab doesn't show real-time preview

  • Hello!

    Okay, so there is a feature in Vivaldi, so that when you hover over a tab, it shows a preview of that tab. Example: http://imgur.com/i5zHSjT.jpg . However, if I change something in that tab now, then the preview won't update. As an example, I type in "Vivaldi" into Google search and switch to another tab: http://imgur.com/LWoAcmA.jpg . As you can see, I did type "Vivaldi" into Google search (marked with red). However, the preview hasn't updated (marked with blue). And if we go to the tab by itself, we can clearly see that preview is outdated: http://imgur.com/GX36jv1.jpg . Even if I try to switch back and forth, the preview doesn't update. Works almost every time, which is pretty annoying. I am pretty sure that it works on Linux as well. Can confirm for Windows and Mac. Would be nice if it was fixed.

    Thank you!


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