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    I have not been online here for a while and the reason to that is that I have forgotten my username and password to my old account both to this forum and to my vivaldi webmail. I could not find any link to lost password so I had to create a new account instead. Now I want my old account back but as I said I´ve lost both my username and password to it. Can anyone help me to get this back so I can log in to my old account again?

  • @TinTin1 It is possible to get help with lost password - but only if you had the username. Without that it is just a guess who you might be.

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    @bren This is the last time I warn you about profanity and disrespect. If you repeat it, you will be banned.

    I'm pretty sure you can contact the community developers at, and with your email address they can find your profile and help you. Please be patient waiting for the reply. It might be right away, and it might be up to 48 hours.

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