[Feature Request] Option to add Notes title

  • Hello everyone, i would like an option to add a title to every note. Right now when you are selecting a note you see first text you typed in it, as it worked in old Opera. Since i moved to "new" opera, i was looking for an extension that allowed me to keep using my notes. I found [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/insert-text/abmgjcmmphkhndoahbfanhbgeekconmm?hl=en-US][b]Insert Text[/b][/url] on chrome store. What is great about it, it's that you can add titles for the notes, so when you are trying to add a note from the right click menu you actually can quickly select the one you want. I use notes mostly to paste prewritten text when i am creating content on my website, and i have sorted them in folders. In many folders the notes are almost the same, or at least they start the same way, so being able to add a title to the note allows me to select the right one without having to think if the 6th or 7th was the one i wanted to use.


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