Annoying "cannot be loaded" error during slow internet

  • Today there is a problem with my ISP and my internet is slow. However that's the second most annoying thing happening during my browsing sessions.

    After I open a new webpage, sometimes by clicking on middle button on the mouse and opening a link in the background in a new tab, I give it about 10-20 seconds before switch to the new tab, because I know it will take a while for it to load.

    When I switch to that tab, I'm greeted with the "this site can't be reached" screen, with the usual error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". When I'm just about to click on the "reload" button, the page suddenly loads. Sometimes it doesn't load, but usually it does.

    Vivaldi displays the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error page before it actually makes a final decision. It should not display the error message if the page is still loading and the verdict isn't final.

    The same thing happens even with a single tab sometimes. I type an address, it displays a white page for about 10 seconds while loading the site, then displays the error page. And a couple of seconds later, the page suddenly loads.

    Why is it annoying? First, I accidentally attempt to reload the page, which adds +10 seconds to my waiting. Sometimes right before I click on "reload", the page loads, and I mis-click on a link on the website. And sometimes I give it a couple of more seconds for it to load the page after the error page, and turns out the error is real and I waited extra for nothing.

    I recorded a video. I have modified the styles of the tabs, that's why they look different than default vivaldi, but it's just a .css hook, I don't believe it would affect the behavior.

    Here is the video link. (I just replaced the link with a youtube link)

    In the video you can actually see that there are two errors, one for "dns address" and another for "server address", about one second apart from each other. Then the site loads.

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