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  • Hi,
    is there any way to move the url-bar between the V button and the maximize/close button when tabs are at the right side?
    It could save much space.

    alt text

    alt text


  • @Em-a-il

    Yes, I use tabs on the left myself. I use the horizontal menu and no buttons so you might need to play around with some of the padding (though this should work with the V button)

    Assuming you know how to add custom css, here is the code

    #header {
    min-height: 0 !important;
    z-index: auto !important;
    .toolbar.toolbar-addressbar {
    padding: 5px 150px 5px 35px !important;
    z-index: 1 !important;
    border:none !important;
    .toolbar.toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar {
    position: relative;
    top: 0;
    left: 5px;
    min-width: 24px !important;
    height: 28px !important;
    .win .topmenu, .vivaldi {
    position: absolute;
    top: 5px;
    left: 0px;
    z-index: 2 !important;
    .topmenu+#tabs-container.top {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 2 !important;
    #tabs-container.bottom #tabs, #tabs-container.top #tabs {
    height: 0px !important;
    .addressfield {
    margin-left: 20px !important;
    .bookmark-bar {
    .window-buttongroup {
    z-index: 2;

  • @sjudenim Thanks. I'll try the css code.


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