Good to see Vivaldi Browser! Some feedback and features that I'd like

  • I loved Opera 12, still using it along with Maxthon And I'm glad to see Vivaldi Browser! :cheer: Hope to use it as the primary browser (and the only browser if possible) Since this is only the technical build, I guess many features are already planned to be added and improved. Nevertheless, for now I'd like some features: 1) A Download Manager similar to Opera 12 2) Auto-resume feature for Downloads Since, my internet becomes unstable sometimes the download gets error and I need to resume it manually I really would like to see this feature :pinch: 3) Right Click Options in links similar to Opera 12 The current one is same to Chrome, I'd like options like "Open as background tab" and others. 4) Download manager and Bookmarks Manager able to be opened as a tab (like in Opera 12), not only in sidebar 5) Custom themes 6)And of course the browser speed: Speed dial and Tabs a bit sluggish I guess it'll be improved, but still write it here Hope to see the improved stable release!

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