Google Sync "back"

  • Hey, I think it would be great to bring "back" the Google Sync option. Why ?

    1. Because of that, the Google Keep extension doesn't work since it needs to connect the "chrome" browser to our Google account, but we can't with Vivaldi.
    2. Many of us have an Android phone, and many of us have Google Chrome has our primary browser, and it would be great to keep it synced to Vivaldi.

    Thanks for reading, bye! 😉

  • Hi, Vivaldi and Google are different company´s and there is no way to sync both.
    We all waiting for a sync system for Vivaldi and Android is coming sooner or later.
    Iirc Lastpass can sync all platforms and browser.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Hi, I understand that, but.. Vivaldi is based Chromium which is an open-source browser made by Google. The thing is, the sync feature with the Google account is already in Google Chromium, they just removed it, to make Vivaldi. That's why I say "it would be great to bring "back" the Google Sync option"

    Bye! 🙂


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