When opening multiple speed dial tabs, include the start page as one of them

  • Re: Feature requests for 1.6

    I find myself doing this quite often:

    • open a start page
    • right click a speed dial folder and open all in tabs
    • close the start page

    It would be better, in this sequence, if the blank start page was used as one of the new tabs. so you could get rid of that last step.

  • @aach1 Feature Requests should be posted in the linked thread.

    You could do what you want from the Bookmarks Panel, or Bookmarks Bar. Just right-click on the folder to open them all in new tabs.

  • @Pesala yep, thanks, understand that. but the speed dial seems more natural and I don't usually have the bookmarks bar up. speed dial offers the ability to open multiple tabs so I'm just saying it could be made one step less clunky.

  • @Pesala PS I'm new here. when you say "Feature Requests should be posted in the linked thread", what linked thread are you referring to? I went to "feature requests for 1.6" and posted a reply there - if that's wrong, happy to post somewhere else but I'm not seeing where.

  • @aach1 scratch that last comment - I think I clicked "reply/reply as topic" rather than just reply. pardon the noise. I'll get there eventually.

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