Speed dial "open all in tiled tab stack"

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    Right now in speed dial you can ask to open all the items in a folder but they all come out as separate tabs. I often find myself then dragging them all into a stack and then tiling the stack. It would be good to have a couple more right-click items in the speed dial folders:

    • open all bookmarks
    • open all in a tab stack
    • open all in a tiled tab stack
    • delete

  • @aach1 YESS WE NEED THIS!
    Or just a way to save multiple bookmarks together so when we press it in the speed dial, they'll open together as a tiled tab stack or a tab stack!

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    @aach1 said in Speed dial "open all in tiled tab stack":

    Learn how to use sessions.

    1. Open the tabs you want in a new window, e.g. an entire bookmark folder.
    2. Stack the tabs
    3. Save the Window with the tab stack as a new session.
    4. Reopen the tab stack in the current window or in a new window, however you wish

  • @Pesala thanks for the note about sessions, I'd not seen that before and I'll certainly make use of it until speed dial works the way I requested. I'll leave my request in - speed dial is there because it's a nicer way to open pages than going into some old-fashioned file... menu. All I'm suggesting is that speed dial be better integrated into the nice tab stack and tiled tab stack feature.

  • @aach1
    As add in to what @Pesala mentioned.

    You could always bookmark them after;

    • You stacked the tabs.
    • Either Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click, multiple choose all the tabs you want.

    It's in tab context menu. You will have option to bookmarked all your stacked or chosen tabs.
    All of those will drop under new folder. You could always set that new folder as one of your speed dials.

    For me, this actually replace OneTab extension.

  • @dLeon Thanks, didn't realise you could bookmark a stack either...

    However - this still doesn't do what I want. Following your lead, I created a stack, right clicked on it and "Bookmark stack", then dragged that stack folder into speed dial. All good so far. BUT if I then click on the folder in speed dial I just get into the folder, it doesn't open everything as a stack. If, instead, I right click it and "open all bookmarks", they open as individual tabs, not as a stack.

    I want a way to open all of the bookmarks in a speed dial folder in a stack (or a tiled stack), and as far as I can see, that isn't possible. So I'll leave the request in for now.

  • @aach1
    About auto/open in stack like you described, I like that.
    Send as Stack (something like that) already requested. I like that too.

  • @dLeon -- Yes, exactly so, & for me also this wonderful newish function has also allowed me to stop using OneTab [which has been one of my 1st-installed extensions in all my chromium-based browsers for years]. OMZ i love V.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.

  • YES!

    Not being able to load bookmarks into a tab stack is a major oversight, and one that could be easily remedied. This is, quite literally, the main missing feature that keeps me from switching away from Firefox and its spiffy tab groups. C'mon, devs--easy fix!

  • sorry for necrobumping, so... just to confirm, there's currently no way to open all saved tabs from speed dial at once?

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    @raulvc As far as I know, only from the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab, not from the Speed Dial.

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