Speed dial "open all in tiled tab stack"

  • Re: Feature requests for 1.6

    Right now in speed dial you can ask to open all the items in a folder but they all come out as separate tabs. I often find myself then dragging them all into a stack and then tiling the stack. It would be good to have a couple more right-click items in the speed dial folders:

    • open all bookmarks
    • open all in a tab stack
    • open all in a tiled tab stack
    • delete

  • @aach1 YESS WE NEED THIS!
    Or just a way to save multiple bookmarks together so when we press it in the speed dial, they'll open together as a tiled tab stack or a tab stack!

  • @aach1 said in Speed dial "open all in tiled tab stack":

    Learn how to use sessions.

    1. Open the tabs you want in a new window, e.g. an entire bookmark folder.
    2. Stack the tabs
    3. Save the Window with the tab stack as a new session.
    4. Reopen the tab stack in the current window or in a new window, however you wish

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