icons constantly resetting on web panel and bookmarks bar

  • The icons will not display on webpanel and bookmarks bar. Sometimes a few will stick once you visit the site but not all of them. In fact, the only one that sticks is netflix. Everything else is a blank generic page icon. Once I close the browser and reopen they all reset to the generic blank page icon. Makes my webpanel useless since you cant tell which is which. Most were not imported bookmarks and yes I visited all the websites and closed and reopened. Still, Vivaldi never remembers the icons.

    I really like this browser but this is a deal breaker for me.. I want it to work, what can be done to fix this.

    Im on Windows 10

  • also... one more thing.. How can you set the web panel to always login to the sites. I have to relog each time i click a link.

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