vivaldi-stable-1.5.658.44-1.x86_64 segfaults on Fedora Workstation 25 x86_64 on upgrade

  • [rizvan@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa|grep vivaldi
    [rizvan@localhost ~]$ vivaldi
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    After upgrading from 1.4.xx

    But after deleting ~/.config/vivaldi and ~/.cache/vivaldi/

    it is not crashing.

    update has messed up my vivaldi browser settings and preferences and addons!

  • Maybe it was one of those extensions that caused it. I have a similar setup and haven't experienced profile corruption. If a program segfaults, you can run it through Valgrind (e.g. "valgrind vivaldi") to gain some insight, but you may need to know a lot about programming to understand the output.

  • Same here.
    Disabling all extensions before update can't helped.

  • 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 - not working.

  • Note that profile corruption and problems arising from it are common, but a segmentation fault should always be considered a bug because it means that the programmer has made some mistake. All programs should check for garbage input and handle it properly, instead of assuming that the data they get is always valid.

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