Http instead of search

  • I'm developer I use Vivaldi to access urls like localhost or our company network.

    For example I frequently access "http://repository/projects". When I type "repository/projects" i get redirected to google (my default search engine). When I type "/repository/projects" it tries to access "file:///repository/projects" but that's ok.

    When I type whole "http://repository/projects" it works but the text in address bar automatically changes to "repository/projects". Than when I change it manually to for example: "repository/projects/project1" I get redirected to google.

    Can you please make this more user friendlier? Or are there already implemented settings for this problem?

    Thank you,
    and I really love Vivaldi.

  • I think you just need to set:
    Tools/Settings/Address Bar

    • Address Bar options
      x Show Full Address


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