Text box issues

  • When trying to log into Battle.net's website my hotkeys keep triggering during text input. For example, when I type the first letter of my login ID, the letter D, it will focus the address bar despite not having the Cntl key pressed (cntl + D isn't even the address bar toggle hotkey). While typing in the password, which includes the number 2, my screen would jump to another open tab. Again the number 2 by itself isn't a programmed hot key. Thus far I've only experienced this on battle.net. I have been able to log into Vivaldi's forums just fine.

  • upon further log in tests on that site the following keys seem to be doing weird things.

    the letter D is focusing the address bar, the letter L is switching my tab focus to the top most tab (i have the right hand tab bar view), the letter G is closing the currently open tab.

    I should note as well when I type the letters they do show up in the text entry box and then the action occurs.

  • Known issue. It happens if the site has the login fields inside an i-frame. Hopefully fixed in the next update (within a day or 2).

  • I was running into that random tab switching too, however since updating to the snapshot version that was released today I have not encountered that problem in my experiences so far.


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