Blurry fonts on gmail

  • Hi.

    After a few days with Vivaldi (after a switch from Safari as the main browser), I am in general happy, but there is something wrong with the fonts (especially bold) on Gmail.
    They are a bit more blurry than Chrome and Safari. I see this both on the internal screen (retina) and when I use external monitors (1920x1200).

    Please see attached screenshots.

    OSX 10.12.1
    Vivaldi 1.5.658.44
    Chrome 54

    Is this a bug, or something that can be configured in Vivaldi?


    5_1480074045812_2Vivaldi2.png 4_1480074045812_2Safari2.png 3_1480074045811_2Chrome2.png 2_1480074045811_1Vivaldi1.png 1_1480074045811_1Safari1.png 0_1480074045810_1Chrome1.png

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi Simen,
    The rendering should be no worse than Chrome. In the "1" screenshot I notice there is no subpixel font rendering in Safari & Vivaldi, but there is in Chrome. In the "2" screenshot looks Vivaldi and Chrome looks identical to me.

    Henrik Helmers


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