Suggestion to change icon in explorer.exe for FileAssociations

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    First thanks for this great browser. The default Vivaldi icon in explorer.exe for files like (.htm, .webp, .xhtml, ...) is loud red. A full directory of them is aggressive on the eyes. You can change that setting yourself and let developers concentrate on higher tasks. The following registry script has to be adapted for your installation.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    The trait semicolon in a registry script identifies a comment. Each of them can be replaced with a whitespace. They were needed to produce blank lines and make an homogeneous block during composition of this message. Thanks BB code.

    The above regitry keys were found with a search on: vivaldi.exe,0

    Save it (notepad.exe) under a file with extension (.reg) and UNICODE encoding. The script above apply to a Vivaldi installation type (Install per user). Feed back for other type of installation are welcome. You will have to change 2 strings in the above script. First one is <vivaldi_string>. Just find yours with regedt32.exe. Mine's begins with BL5XH46X...

    The first entry looks like (incomplete)

    The second string to change is <icon_file>. Replace it with:

    This is the default Vivaldi icon (red background white V letter)

    Alternative supplied Vivaldi icon (9 blue squares)

    Your own icon file. The extension must be (.ico)

    Graceful from Microsoft. Proper icon number must be supplied. Numbers start from 0.

    So the last entry looks like this if your UserLoginName is JohnDoe and adopt the Vivaldi alternative icon


    Before proceeding exports (regedt32.exe) all registry hives implicated as a safety.
    Double click on finalized (.reg) file.
    You can also use cmd.exe (with elevated privileges) and apply command: reg import <filename>.reg
    Enjoy your eyes relief.

  • @averager
    Can someone tell me how to edit my post ?

    Any how. In the original text when you see a baclslash part of a string replacement in <icon_file> make it double \\. the example with JohnDoe should be read:

  • @averager said in Suggestion to change icon in explorer.exe for FileAssociations:

    an someone tell me how to edit my post ?

    click the blue ¦ icon to edit.

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    @Pesala It's actually this character: (vertical ellipsis), but due to the small font-size, some users perceive it as the letter i.


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