Customization of browser tab and bookmark bar font?

  • I just installed vivaldi-stable (version 1.5.658.44-1) on Lubuntu 16.04.

    I want to know how to make a few customizations that don't seem possible via the GUI provided.

    To start with, is it possible to change the font family used in the browser tabs and in the bookmarks bar? I would like to have Ubuntu Mono as the font-family and #777 as the font color.

    I installed the Stylish extension from the Chrome store and that allows me to customize web content. Could I also use it to customize the UI?


  • I've never tested, but it should be possible via .css vivaldi hook.
    For others elements, ask in modifications thread

  • Okay, I made some progress.

    I directly edited /opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/style/common.css though I know it will be overwritten in the next update!

    I changed
    #browser.linux,#browser.linux+div,#browser.linux+div+div,#browser.linux button,#browser.linux input,#browser.linux select,#browser.linux textarea{font-family:Ubuntu,sans-serif}
    #browser.linux,#browser.linux+div,#browser.linux+div+div,#browser.linux button,#browser.linux input,#browser.linux select,#browser.linux textarea{font-family:Ubuntu Mono,sans-serif; font-size: 15px; color: #777777;}

    It worked for the Bookmarks bar.


    Now to figure out how to increase the font size of text in active and inactive tabs!


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