Ability to move/reorder the extension buttons on the toolbar

  • I would like to have the ability to move the extension buttons in the toolbar allowing them to be reordered in whatever order the user likes, and not necessarily the order that the extensions are added to the browser or the order that the buttons are auto added to the toolbar. This way the user can group the extension buttons by category or type for instance. For myself I like to have my ad blockers (AdBlock and Ghostery) next to each other in the 1st and 2nd button positions. In the 3rd position I have The Great Suspender extension button, and a couple other various extensions after that. But, this would be very handy so that the user could order the buttons to their liking instead of having them preplaced in a random unproductive order by the browser.

    For example, in Chrome you can just click and hold down the left mouse button, selecting the button, and then drag the button either left or right allowing you to place that icon in any position on the toolbar.


  • @bigred0331 Disregard this post. Thanks


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