Windows 10 screen keyboard don't work.

  • I try to switch to Vivaldi but and it works fine on Linux and normal windows, but when I try to use win10 screen keyboard this Vivaldi do not ask system for it. This is quite frustrating if you hit form on webpage and can't start to write

  • Moderator

    The big Windows 10 screen keyboard? It works on my Windows 10x64 Pro with Vivaldi 1.5.658.44 32bit.
    I check it here in forum and on some otehr sites.

    Please answer precisely:

    • Windows version
    • Vivaldi version
    • installed vivaldi extensions
    • What does not work
    • How i can test it

  • Moderator

    It's a regression (introduced in one of the latest 1.5.x snapshot versions I think) and it haven't been fixed in the stable release. This bug has been reported already (though not by me, so I don't have the VB number).


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