Vivadi integration with 3rd parity stuff - sharing browser stats / UI data / etc...

  • Hmm... Little stupid question to @helmers or anyone else from the V team xD

    Can You consider any possibility of sharing some of the browser status data (like theme) with external services / processes in the future?
    I have absolutely no idea about what could be the easiest way... (not to waste time because I understand that this is not a priority problem)

    I have met some apps that just included option to write for example stats into simple text file.

    I am sure that some of the DIY fans would like to find some funny uses of this (without buying Hue bridge)
    You know... hacking Vivaldi with WinAPI just sucks... 😉

    alt text

  • Vivaldi Team

    I think this would be really cool. If we are to do it we will have to figure out a proper way, which takes time.


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