Haunted by adds and fraudulent tabs

    1. I performed a clean installation of the new version (64b bit) after complete removal some months ago.
    2. Installed a few extensions: x-notifier, LastPass (only activated), Google drive (only activated), Add Blocker, Grammarly, Video Download Helper, and Video DownloadHelper.
    3. Restarted the browser.
    4. From the menu clicked on Extensions: A new tab was opened in seconds and disappeared. No more control over extensions.
    5. Entered Amazon.com: plenty of add appeared from every corner of the window.
    6. Clicked + for new tab: more than 4 false tabs opened with fraudulent addresses (An Amazon survey that was not the Amazon website), Scanning the system for issues, and offering any kind of MS tools
      I like the interface, flexibility, and productivity of Vivaldi browser. I was going to make it the default browser several months ago. Then this problem appeared. I had to remove Vivaldi from all my computers (at least 5). I was expecting a new version to give it a new chance. Unfortunately, the problem appeared in minutes. That is dangerous and absolutely not acceptable.
      I shall appreciate your advice how the browser could be cleaned and made usable.
      To that point, I have to remove it from everywhere and to make harsh repair of my systems.

  • This is certainly not a typically-reported problem, and sounds much like an adware infection or rogue extension.

    1. When you posted that you "performed a clean installation", was that after a full removal of Vivaldi (that is, uninstallation followed by manual removal of all Vivaldi personal files and folders that are normally left behind in the uninstall process)? If not, then an earlier compromise of some of those files could have carried over into the new installation, since Vivaldi will automatically seek out and reuse those leftover folders/files in a later re-installation.
    2. Did you obtain your Vivaldi download directly from Vivaldi's own website?
    3. With no extensions installed on a truly clean installation, does the problem repeat?
      If not, then add the extensions one at a time and retest for the problem in case there's been a compromise of the extension source.
    4. What specific tools have you used to "scan the system for issues"?

  • @bendav said in Haunted by adds and fraudulent tabs:

    Video Download Helper, and Video DownloadHelper

    Try to disable/remove these two extensions (post here the chrome store link) and see if you still are facing the issue.
    Sometimes, such addons are bundled with ad platform.

  • Moderator

    @bendav The Video Download Helper is a malicious extension, it injects ads on websites and prevents you from opening the extensions page. Here is how to get rid of it (I assume you have Windows 7/8/10):

    1. Close Vivaldi.
    2. Open File Explorer and paste this code %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions\mngdadkapbemiekajhhalpakdpleogfn into the address bar (if you have installed Vivaldi as a stand-alone app, you'll need to navigate to its installation directory and find the User Data folder there).
    3. Delete all of the mngdadkapbemiekajhhalpakdpleogfn folder's contents, or move up one directory and delete the mngdadkapbemiekajhhalpakdpleogfn folder itself.
    4. Run Vivald.
    5. Go to Vivaldi extensions and check if the Video Download Helper extension is still there. It might look like it's broken or disabled, so just remove it from the list (optional).
    6. If this actully solves your problem, it is necessary that you share your experiences with this extension here (and here if you have a Google account - optional).

    You can also vote up this comment if it was helpful (optional of course). 😉


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