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  • Hello and good evening!

    I like the side panel feature a good deal and use it for some of my more often used websites, especially dictionaries, wikipedias, messengers and things of that sort

    anyway, since my last GPU driver update (running a GTX1070) the native zoom is kinda messed up

    while I reduced the default zoom to 80% which works fine for everything in the browser, the side panel seems to be unaffected.
    as everything in their is roughly 25% bigger than it should be it's basically unusable now due to the size.

    is there anyway I can fix this?

    thanks in advance and kind regards,

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    No problem here. The side panel zooms the same as the UI Zoom

    I now use 90% zoom to fit six speed dial columns, and a large text setting in Windows so that I can still read menus.

  • thanks for your reply

    it's not though for me?

    see for yourself:

  • @Pesala For me the width of the panel changes with UI zoom - HOWEVER the contents of the panel (webpage) does NOT zoom.

  • Web Panels have "always" been one of the best innovations from Vivaldi; they're now IMO a classic example of the "how did i get by before, without these?" syndrome. That said, two of their intractable usability limitations for my tastes have been & remain; the inability to simply rearrange them at will by [eg] drag & drop, & the absence of independent font &/or zoom control compared to normal web pages. I've written before on that, & received from zero to lukewarm responses, indicating to me once again how individual each user's preferences are. In my mind all my [many] Web Panels' content are waaaaaaaaay too big, & desperately cry out for me to reduce them... but i have no practical way to do it. It will be a lovely day when the Devs gift us in a future SS with WP zoom & font controls.

    For example, i'm viewing & writing this post in a WP, to the RHS of which is obviously a normal web page. Said page has my default 94% zoom, font minimum size of 12 pt [in ongoing absence of full font size controls], & btw UI zoom is my 80% default. That combo makes the UI & the web page visually comfortable for me. In "savage" contrast, the font of this post reply i'm writing in the WP is simply ginormous huge massive & eye-bulgingly whopping! It metaphorically slams me backwards into my chair squab, to try to "get away" from it. By adjusting the adjacent normal page's font size with the Settings' control then visually comparing LHS to RHS, the WP font appears to be ~17 pt. I just hate that; it's waaaaaaaay too big for me, yet there's nothing i can do about it.

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    @TbGbe I was looking at Notes and Bookmarks. For web page panels UI Zoom only resizes the title text.

  • the thing I don't understand is, I had no problems with this whatsoever until a few days ago when updating my graphics driver and vivaldi (both at the same time which makes it hard to pinpoint)

    guess I have to go back to 100% scaling in Windows, which makes icons & context menu awfully small but still better than this giant side panel sites.

    thank you all for your replies!

    and @Steffie : yes, these limitations (not being able to rearrange them, independent zoom, fonts and so on) are somewhat annoying.
    but honestly, I can't do without the side panel anymore. Due to VPN/Web application restrictions I have to use IE11 at work and that's like running a marathon with a bag of stones on your back and your laces tied together.
    let's just hope the Dev's will address this at some point. cheers!

  • The program appears to run fine, however there is an issue with the side panel which is extremely zoomed in to the point it is relatively unusable. On a few tabs, the headings of the side panel are also squished together, as can be found in the screenshots. I have already tried playing around with the Zoom drivers, opening Notebook with various similarity settings, altering the show settings on my workstation, yet nothing I have attempted has any effect to the side panel.


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