V. 1.4 & 1.5: the upper-right cross to close it isn't REALLY in the upper-right corner

  • Hello,

    It's a tiny, a very small thing, but I have grown curious over this detail. The white cross over a red background, in the upper-right of my Vivaldi window, that I can click to close the program, isn't really, actually, in the upper-right corner.
    It's a few pixels on the left of that corner.
    And if I simply move my mouse pointer to the upper-right corner of my monitor and click, well, Vivaldi won't shut down, as I didn't click the button.

    I wonder, is it something normal, that everyone else has, and can't be changed?
    Or something normal but that could be configured away?
    Or is it a bug, and - hopefully - I'm the only one having this minor issue?

    I'm curious to know, if someone else could confirm, thank you :)

    EDIT: I should have given more information. I use Vivaldi with the Subtle theme, and the two options that are ticked in my Appearances menu are Use Graphical Interface and Use animations (free translation, my version is in French.) Also, my windows default DPI is set to 125% (meaning: show everything 25% larger. Or else it's killing my eyes and I have to squint and stick my nose too close to my monitor, huhu.)

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