1.5.658.44 changes video to black

  • Hi
    I wanted to report a few problems I have since upgrading to the latest version yesterday.
    The first one was the zoom change, as reported in another thread but that was easy to fix.
    The second is that youtube videos are black, only sound plays. I've disabled hardware acceleration and then youtube works ok but before this update there were no problems, so i think that something was changed in the latest build relating to hardware acceleration that breaks youtube's player.

    I'm on Win 10 x64 with all updates and I have no extensions installed. The video card is Nvidia GTX960 with a Dell U2515H (high dpi) monitor. Vivaldi is the x32 version. I have no issues with HTML5 video players on other sites such as Vimeo. I've seen this problem mentioned on older threads so I think it's a Chromium issue that appears for some people, for a long time.

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