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  • Hello around,

    i today stumbled upon vivaldi and I love it.

    With that being said, I have an initial problem. Apparently, when messing around with the settings, I added a search option to the Quick Command Bar, which opens on Cmd + E. I tried modifying the settings, but did not find an appropriate way to remove it again.

    How to do that?

    Thanks for your suggestions.


  • Moderator

    The only settings I know of are in Settings, Quick Commands.

  • Hey Pesala,

    thx for the quick response.

    In the settings, there are only two options for Quick Command:

    • Open pages in new tag
    • Open bookmarks on nickname match

    On the vivaldi.com website, on entering "notes pa", it shows as top result the notes panel, as expected. In contrast, on my installation it shows the bing search.

    Screenshot of Quick command and Feature demontration of Quick Command at vivaldi.com

    Ideas? Thx for your input.


  • Anybody?

  • I don't think you accidentally added the search option to the quick commands panel, because when I start Vivaldi 1.5 with a clean profile, it already has Default Search as the top entry in the results list. Maybe that screenshot from vivaldi.com is from an older version of Vivaldi in which the order was different?

    If there actually is a way to either remove the Default Search part or change the order of the different categories, I would be highly interested in that, too.


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