No more password savings and other bugs since update

  • Version 1.5 is buggy in some different ways.
    -Zoom preset when opening sides in new tabs doesnt work any more.
    -Permanent HDD load of 8 - 12mb/s, which is not very healthy for SSDs.
    -Saved passwords are no longer available as well as saving new passwords.

    Now I downgraded to 1.458938 but this only helped for the zoom issue. I still have no passwords savings and have this strange HDD load.

  • How can I downgrade my browser? I can't find any "previous versions" link on vivaldi's website.

  • Moderator

    Your second and third problem have been reported with a corrupted Top Sites file. If you close the browser and delete it, you will lose your Speed Dial preview thumbs, but the other two issues should straighten. Then you an F5 Speed Dial and you're back in the pink.

  • Moderator

    @DaOlaf - also, make sure you don't have "Use Tab Zoom" checked in the Webpages category of settings.

  • @Ayespy

    deleting this file didnt help. But I saw the problem will be fixed when I delete the entire user folder in "c:...\local"
    So I have to keep the files for my bookmarks and my speeddial and restore them. The rest is compensable.

    Now I am a bit hesitant to make further updates but I hope the best for next time.

  • Moderator

    @DaOlaf - the update didn't cause the corruption. It merely exposed it.

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