Customize Rocker Gestures

  • I would like to customize mouse button rocker gestures. Opera offered full customization as does my current browser, Firefox with the Firegestures addon.

    This feature alone is blocking me from switching from Firefox to Vivaldi.

    Just as an example, my preferred rocker gestures are:

    1. Hold right + left click: close tab
    2. Hold left + right click: re-open last closed tab
    3. Hold RMB and scroll wheel over an image: dynamically zoom that image in and out

    Note: I would have posted this in the Feature Requests area, but the New Post button doesn't exist in that forum! Mods, please feel free to move it there.

  • You need to post it in Feature requests for 1.6 or find similar request there and up-vote it.

  • @jplanvers Already posted in the Feature Request thread.

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