(Feature Request) Saving page for offline reading

  • Only one feature i really like in new Opera is its ability to save page in online mode for future reading in offline mode. Its really helpful. When you want to save multiple pages before some kind of situation without connection for reading. Id really like to see this feature anytime in future, although its only nice, not dependent feature. 🙂

  • It would be nice if you could add that page in a "offline reading" bookmark folder and had an option to save this as a file and link to it (additionally to the web link). Maybe that could be easily implemented.
    A speed dial icon of this read later bookmark folder could be easily made too..

  • Save a page for offline reading, enable flag:
    restart browser
    right-click page > Save as > Save as type: "Webpage, Single File"

    works offline too:
    ctrl+t > speed dial opens > click "History"; there you can retrieve any page of latest history stored.



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