Vivaldi Update Removed Extensions

  • Just updated vivaldi and now all my extensions are gone except one which i havent had installed for 6 Months+ (avira browser)

    Can i fix this or shall i just start installed them again?

  • Try looking in C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions
    There should be a bunch of folders with gibberish names and each such folder should contain a single folder that has numbers as a name.
    If these folders exist,then maybe try copying the whole "Extensions" folder to a safe place,reinstalling vivaldi,and then overwriting whatever data the new vivaldi puts in that location with the "Extensions" folder you saved. Not sure if that'll work,but its worth a try.

  • @xkomachi I checked here just after posting, and there was only one or two folders, it must have just deleted them all for a laugh i guess.
    Wonder if many others have had this?

  • I never experienced anything so unfortunate and I have never missed a single update (dev snapshots included) since Vivaldi 1.0 and all extensions are always there:
    %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions
    Could be that you have installed Vivaldi for another user?

  • Nope just checked all user folders i could find inlcuding administrator, i just did the update as normal and its deleted them all, ive done plenty updates before and its been fine.

  • @Danny___Taylor
    Me'v lost em too after today's update from 1.4 to 1.5, also Vivaldi reset my favbar to defaults (a lot of folders in favs with links to bunch of sites) and greeted me by firstrun window (vivaldi://welcum).

  • This has been reported already by some users and turned out that if Vivaldi exe was stuck in memory because still doing "something" in background, like the annoying update of Top Sites file, and you rerun it while it's still in memory, it can't read its files including passwords and whatnot.
    Make sure to kill all Vivaldi processes (it uses multithreading to do all his tasks) and then run Vivaldi again.

  • @iAN-CooG thx for good advice, we waitin for new update will fix this trouble and will decide it automatically, coz today (as i wrote in next topic) i lost my favs/exts and their settings while my system got NO free space on a bord.

  • @Danny___Taylor
    i've noticed that not only extensions were deleted, but also their settings. For ex., my password set up for LastPast inside this xt was lost. Other apps lost their sets too.


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