Resize page tiling

  • I just this browser mentioned on Techcrunch and had to try it. So far I'm really loving the features and options. This request is more for developers, but I could see power users liking it too. I tried to resize two tiled pages, but couldn't find a way to do so. My first instinct was to click where they were divided.

    I was trying to drag it so I could have a large left tile, and a thin cell view tile on the right. I use the "device toolbar" a lot in Chrome DevTools, but I've really been looking for a split view option since I work on wide monitors. I was going to have DevTools up on my other monitor.

    What would be really sweet would be if I tweaked something in DevTools then both views of the same site could update live so I could see right there if anything might break or tinker before updating any code. Great work on the browser! It's pretty slick.


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