Hue Support but still not solved mobile device emulation bug? seriously?

  • Dear Vivaldi Developers,

    you first advertised your browser for professionals. I'm a web developers so I guess I fit in this pool. I really would like to use it for web development but it still not has solved the bug (or you removed it?) of the mobile device emulation in the developer tools.

    I read today that 1.5 has hue support and I almost felt from my chair. I checked instantly if you fixed my mentioned issue and yeaah: meeeh no. Pleeeeease put some priority to it.

  • @HueHater Hue support have been added just as an totally extra feature (as I know it was created just for fun in free time)
    So please don't treat it as a main functionality / wasting dev team schedule.

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    @HueHater - Hue support was added with very little work by a designer. He is not a developer. The development team was not involved.

    Mobile device emulation is going to require some pretty significant coding by a developer (or developers), and the developers have other priorities (among the thousands of bugs and feature requests pending) ahead of that at the moment.

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    @HueHater You are a web dev?
    Then you really should know browsers have bugs. An some bugs take more time to fix them, depending which progress is made and which timeline is set.
    Every buddy 😉 has its own pet bugs, wanting to get fixed.

    Vivaldi has not fixed the issue yet. That may make some users angry and others are not disturbed by this issue.

    I will ask some Vivaldi dev when that may be fixed. Please be patient.
    [Update] Back from chat. The Vivaldi dev team leader answered my question about a timeline to fix of emulation in Developer Tools: "... not soon."
    Note: reported as bug: VB-20074 "[Regression] Emulation tab in Developer Tools disappeared again"

    Yes, i dislike the missing emulation in Vivaldi's Developer Tools in my daily work as webdev, admin and programmer.


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