[BUG] vBulletin boards

  • Space bar doesn't work on vBulletin boards when I'm typing. I have to copy/paste something for it to start working.

    I noticed this bug in 1.5 snapshot which is why I stuck with 1.4. But now that 1.5 stable is out the bug is back. It only happens with Vivaldi and only in 1.5.

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    Did you check 1.5.658.44 Final?

    Cant confirm your described issue.

    I tested 1.5.658.44 32bit Win 10x64
    The typing of space bar while answering to a thread at https://serversupportforum.de/ (a VBulletin forum) works.

  • I'm on the final release, yes. It works when I want to post a standalone comment. But when I want to reply to someone else it doesn't work 100% of the time. I always have to paste something in the text before the space bar becomes functional.

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    I cant reproduce it on the vbb forums i visit.
    Space works.

    Is there any demo forum where i can check it?

  • Vivaldi 1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit), KDEneon 5.8.4

    I just noticed a similar behavior using Vivaldi in vBulletin. In my case, I see it only when I choose "Reply with quote." In the forum (kubuntuforums.net), this places the cursor above the quoted text. If I down-arrow the cursor to the last position after the end-quote box (one line below) the space bar will not produce spaces. However, if I move the cursor one position the to left - either left-arrow or mouse click - this places the cursor next to the end-quote box and the space bar works normally.

    I've tested the same function with Chromium and not see this. I changed Character Encoding from Western the Unicode thinking that might help, but no change.

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