Feature requests for 1.6

  • Ability to blend Panel with Tabs bar and/or Bookmark bar.

  • Features request...
    On panel section..like i say download panel, can you make put same an advanced section menu. Like opera do. When you click that command, it will open Download tab.
    Like the other panel also such as bookmark when click that command it will open the tabs for bookmark. And don't need to type it manualy k.

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    @logytech said in Feature requests for 1.6:

    When you click that command, it will open Download tab.

    Show in file manager is already there, but I think you mean this Advanced Menu.

    0_1480438851972_Downloads Advanced Submenu.png

  • @gaelle As an organisational feedback for better information management with the current "voting" system could be that the OP creates a list of main features functioning as categories (probably several posts with titles e.g. Bookmarks, Tabs, History, and so on. Probably without a content, just as a place holder) so the people could issue and sort their wishes accordingly. I think that would improve the ability to vote on features one is interested in.

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    @Pesala Although I can use Numpad shortcuts for “Smart Quotes” and • bullets if I enable Numlock (recommended) I don't have to take care about that in Opera 12.17 or other programs.

  • Support for an External RSS Feed Reader

    Add RSS and Atom feed detection with RSS icon in address field. Clicking the icon will show a list of detected feeds (like Opera 12 does). Clicking an item in the list will convert the feed's URL to a feed:// URL and pass it on the command-line to the default feed protocol handler on the system (Thunderbird in my case).

    There are extensions that do RSS detection, but they only support passing to web-based readers in the browser. Clicking on a feed:// link on a web page works in Vivaldi, but I don't know if an extension is allowed to invoke one. Not even sure if the extension creates a link and simulates a click would be enough. Either way, I don't know of any extensions that support this. Even if they do, native support would be way better.

  • Drag and Drop web panels to reorder

  • please add Bookmark tags Vivaldi

  • add the possibility to see bookmark folders split from the Bookmarks itself.
    This comes in very handy if you organize your Bookmarks, you dont have to scroll through a long list of bookmarks just to find the right folder

  • please add Follower Tab feature like older versions of Opera had.
    So you can can have the page you read opened,
    create a follower tab and any link you click in the original page gets loaded in the follower tab. very nice for news sites and such.
    This is very usefull if you tile those two tabs, so you see the orinigal tab on the left and the follower on the right.

  • add read later funtionality to vivaldi, so you click the link you want with some modifyer key and it gets added to that list instead of opening lots of tabs for the links you are interested in.
    and it would be great to group that list by the page from where you added the links.

    The highlight to this would the be some functionality to click on a button for the group you are interested in and it works like a playlist so it opens the first link in that group in a tab and waits that you close that tab, after closing it goes to the next link and opens that up for you

  • Manual placement of extensions, including a menu similar to google chrome in the top right, placement on the left menu bar, or placement on the status bar at the bottom.

  • notification support - nevermind, got it working. Can't delete my own posts in this thread?

  • Option to be every new tab muted by default.

  • Not sure how many users would need it, but that's what voting is for: option to disable ability to reload all speed dial links at once, or some sort of confirmation before reloading.

    Every link is loaded just as a normal page, and even moderate number of pages loaded at once is not the best idea, especially with slower internet connections. And when this reloading is triggered (by button, gesture, etc.-often by accident) there is no way to stop it.

  • @ghpy Absolutely agree. For me, missing e-mail client is the only major issue. Everything else is just small polishing. I hope the small number of votes is just because it said to be included in the next major version, and not because no one is interested. It would be nice to show this is now really the most important thing to do.

  • Vertical tab tiling, especially when the Vivaldi window is taller than it is wide. Makes better use of screen space.

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    @xanthanhunter - We have vertical tab tiling.

  • It's awesome that Vivaldi now hides the mouse cursor during fullscreen videos. I'm super happy about it. It would also be awesome if there was a smoother transition to fullscreen videos. I notice Vivaldi and ChrOpera, and other Chromium browsers are kind of jagged in transition to fullscreen videos. If it were like Firefox, where it fades into fullscreen, or even better, like Safari that zooms into fullscreen like a modern computer, that would be cool. Not a huge deal, just a nice little feature.

  • @Zsul said in Feature requests for 1.6:

    Option to be every new tab muted by default.

    or an option for some site.

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