Feature requests for 1.6

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  • I hope I didn't miss the functionality in the settings, but an option to open the tab or not when we create it.
    Another perso probably proposed it before but I didn't find this request in the last Feature requests .

  • I'd like to have some mechanism to prevent accidentally changing my notes.
    Like little "padlock" button icon? (If we stick to the black-only icon convention current state may be signaled by open / closed padlock glyph? It's rather a question to UX devs how to achieve consistent controls behaviour...) Or maybe checkbox?
    Or some kind of setting that will cause confirmation dialog after altering changed note?


  • What do you think to add different settings under Language, one for "User interface" and another for "Language for webpages"?

    I prefer browser user interface in English, but I would like to read webpages in another default language (Opera browser does the same).


  • I would like to see the follower tabs of old Opera coming to Vivaldi. This is a very useful feature to open multiple links on a page.

  • I'd like to have hints for download list items that display file name.
    Why? Because when name is too long I just cannot see it, so when I download 2 files with similar name and I don't want to resize panel there is a problem...


  • native Bookmark Separators
    Firefox always had this and the old Opera as well.

    see: chrome issue thread

    0_1479820519724_Firefox Separator.png

  • change position from custom searchengines

  • editable menus (so you can clean up/sort your most used rightclick menus)

  • It would be lovely if bookmark manager can show location of results while searching 🙂 (I mean location inside whole tree structure)

  • support from open with [installed browser from your system]

  • Autohiding/show on mouse over for all the bars (faux full screen mode); this should be able to done also for unused/disabled buttons on toolbars (the last can be done via .css edit).

  • There are some sections in settings where first checkbox enables whole group of controls
    I think that moving control that enables whole sectrion into the header (in any form) can unclog and simplify the interface a bit...
    Switch / toggle control kind should be disputed with UX devs


  • Disable site icons in tabs and reduced siteinfo box (native options for this; can be done via .css hooks)

  • Native videos/gif policy by site to delay (start when loaded) and/or prevent autoplay (only preload videos).

    • Content blocker

  • Now that we have the search for selected text context menu option I would really like to see a Search for "Selected Text" mouse gesture. Like a more convenient paste and go for text on webpages.

  • Typed in Search Field text opened in new tab by default (or such option in Settings), without Alt/Ctrl combinations.

  • Cloning tab in the background after double clicking on it (or such option in Settings).

  • "Paste and go" function in url address menu opens tab in new tab (or such option in Settings).

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