Features request: Add possibility to Name Windows

  • When you have multiple Windows open and want to move a tab or group, it gets hard to distinguish just by the amount of open tabs.

  • I second this. I'm moving away from Firefox now that TabGroups will stop working and, unfortunately, tab stacking doesn't quite fit what I need so I've gone back to using multiple windows in a single space (macOS).

  • Just searched the forum to see if anyone else suggested such a feature and in fact, hasselk did 🙂

    For a browser for power users like vivaldi this would be really useful. Guess I'm not the only one who uses multiple windows at the same time, eg. one window per projects (whatever this means for you), one for research, one for shopping etc.

    The current indicator is rather poor UX in my opinion ("Move in Window with X Tabs"). So now I have 3 Windows with 10 Tabs each, finding the right one is pure luck. Same applies if you have one window with 13 tabs, one with 12 and one with 14. I don't remember how much tabs exactly the window has to which I want to move a tab.

    So this feature would be highly appreciated!


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  • This is one of the best power user features for me! If you have lots of windows but still attempt to keep them organised, you have to find the right window when you add new tabs in a subject, and this is really the only quick way.

    An ability to set window name, and also to search for a window in Quick Commands, would be awesome.


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