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  • panel reopens when i click on a page. it does not stay closed. (using 'show panel' button at very bottom left.)

  • Vivaldi continues to do that to this very day. I have no use for the panels, except on very rare occasion. I just want the browsing window. Except for that, I love Vivaldi. Every few minutes, I have to bebop over to View/Show Panel to click on it to remove the check mark that mysteriously keeps reappearing there. One of these days, I may remember to use F4.

  • do you, by chance, also have
    "open download panel automatically" ?
    "open panel automatically"?

  • You can also report it as a bug if you can reproduce it reliably --->

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    @wazz said in Show panel:

    panel reopens when i click on a page. it does not stay closed. (using 'show panel' button at very bottom left.)

    I can't figure out how you're making it do that. Can you? In 2.5 years of using every build and version of the browser, on Win7, Linux and Win10, I have never had a panel open randomly on me.

  • @ian-coog Some time ago, I had checked the Settings/Panel, and "Open Panel Automatically" under "Notes" is unchecked. I've never used that feature, since, being a creature of habit, I use Word and Notepad (and my friend the Snipping Tool) all the time--call it a "system"--not to mention using multiple browsers all the time also.* Therefore, I don’t pay any attention to what individual browsers might offer in that regard.
    The thought never occurred to me to check the downloads settings, where there is an "Open Download Panel Automatically" choice which was checked by default. Unchecking it should solve the problem. Being that downloads do take different lengths of time, and I'm always busy doing something else in Vivaldi, I had not realized that what was causing the thing to open was a completed download, assuming that that's what it is. I access my downloads directly from a taskbar File Explorer shortcut, and pay no attention to the individual browsers except to occasionally go into each one to clear completed downloads. I never paid much attention to the panel other than to the fact that it was diminishing my view of whatever web page I was looking at.
    Clicking to get rid of the checkmark in front of “Show Panel” should bring up a tooltip that points out whatever circumstances exist that will reopen it. I would like a “Close the @#$% Panel no matter what until I click this button again.” I find it extraordinarily annoying to be viewing something in a browser tab and then have the tab shrink.
    *(For instance, just now, I couldn't sign-in to this forum in Vivaldi itself. It kept giving me an authentication error. I was able to sign-in with IE11, but the graphics were all blank, and I'd had to guess where the form fields were by the tool tips from the mouse. I'd thought that the problem would go away once I'd signed in, but only my profile graphic showed up. I then went to Chrome, and am doing this from Chrome. And, over the years, I've found that, if I want to save a web article, copying the page(s) into Word, and then deleting irrelevant material, creates a product, whether saved as pdf or as a Word document, that's much "nicer" than using any particular browser's "print" function.)

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    Setup a mouse gesture to show/hide the panels (command = Panel).

    GestureRight, GestureLeft if they are on the right,
    GestureLeft, GestureRight if they are on the left

    It's quicker and more intuitive than remembering to use F4.

    One can also set shortcuts for individual panels (I use 1-9, and 0), but then the Panel Toolbar remains open after closing the panel.

    0_1506031019630_Panel Shortcuts.png


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