Why do bookmarks get categorised even if no category is selected?

  • When I saved bookmarks, I didn't select any category, But the bookmarks have been saved in Technology. Does Vivaldi categorise bookmarks automatically?

  • Moderator

    No. You must have had that folder open when you added bookmarks.

  • @Varuna The last chosen folder seems to be preselected by default.

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    @luetage - That may be the case. It's important to recognize that bookmark management is a work in progress. Not that it's receiving direct attention at the moment, but that the developers are acutely aware that it is lacking in several important respects, and they fully intend to make it first class.

    The first big push on bookmarks and bookmarks management took them a long way from "utterly hopeless" to "no longer a disaster." and "Pretty acceptable for the time being." The next push, when bookmarks' turn comes again, might bring it a good deal closer to "finely honed tool."


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