There now appears to be a time limit on editing old posts. Why?

  • I see I no longer can edit old posts, that just a few days ago (after the forum software switchover) I was allowed to edit. (I took advantage of this to fix some formatting in an old post or two that got messed up by the forum transfer.)

    Apparently, then, there's now a time limit on post edits. Why? This'll be especially annoying for cases of threads that people want to update the top post with current information. I'd rather it was reverted to the previous unlimited editing behavior.

    (Btw, if nodebb has some functionality that can be activated for showing "Last edited on..." datestamps, like Kunena did, that would be nice.)

  • @Isildur Editing limits were discussed in this thread

  • @TbGbe

    Ah, missed that, sorry. Thanks.

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