Cant handle bookmarks easily!

  • I dont seem to know how to handle bookmarks well. The process is much more awkward than in Opera. I tried to add a folder to a main folder but each time I press the right mouse button and click Make a new folder nothing happens. I cant even move one item from one folder to another. This can be done very easily in Opera, Why is that?
    By the way I have version 1.1.443.3 for XP.

  • @Gentleman_1 1.1.443.3 isn't supposed to run on XP. XP is an unsupported operating system beyond Vivaldi version 1.0
    If you want to use Vivaldi it would be advisable to run at least Windows 7. Handling of bookmarks has improved greatly in recent versions of Vivaldi.

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    Where are you trying to do this? In the panel, on the bookmarks bar, or in the full-tab bookmark editor?

  • @Ayespy In the full tab bookmark editor which I get by clicking on Tools.

  • @luetage In this case I will stay with Opera alone since I am not ready to give up XP yet

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    @Gentleman_1 - OK. On that page, click on the folder that you want the new folder IN. Once it is highlighted, go to the top and click the "new folder" icon. Or, if you wish, use the context menu as you have been doing. A new, unnamed folder will appear in the bottom of the parent folder you chose, below all its other content, and an editing dialog for that folder will appear at the top right of the page, asking you to name the folder. Name it. Once you have typed the name you want in the "Name" space, then click on the (faded) "description" or "nickname" space below the "Name" box, and that's it. You don't have to type in either of these spaces, though you may if you wish. Just clicking on either one saved your newly created and named folder.

    If you right-click any bookmark within an open folder and select "New Folder" from the context menu, you get the same result.

    What you MAY be looking for, is a new folder at the top of the parent folder. That's not where it appears. It shows at the bottom.

    You can move items between folders merely by dragging them.

    The reason you can't manage bookmarks in Vivaldi with the ease and speed you can in Opera, is because Vivaldi's bookmark management protocols are substantially unfinished. The code being used by the two browsers for bookmarks is completely unrelated to each other.

  • @Ayespy Ok great! That worked. but this way of managing bookmarks is quite odd but now I know the way. Thanks!


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