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    Today I used twenty-five Tabs, twenty three opened and two pinned and installed seven extensions from Chrome store. Vivaldi Browser was the one external software I had run under Windows 10 x64 with six gb memory. The memory amount was 58 procent with 3,5 GB. Precisely noticed: 1,3 gb hence 22 procent for my system is consumed from the OS and the rest amount is consumed from Vivaldi browser. Is all fresh from start the system the browser with none tabs used eight procent more summarized 30 procent.

  • @myopic And it will take more the more you continue to add. Each tab eats easily 50mb, a Youtube video can be 300 and more. That's why today's PC memory is "never enough", people continue to abuse it pretending it's infinite, having hundreds of programs running at the same time. Once we opened a single page at a time in win95 and nobody complained 🙂

  • @iAN-CooG Yes. I opened some things more around my work with the browser and the memory consume was 70 procent. There I think it is necessary Vivaldi makes his browser self-sufficient, thus it works on small systems. But the time of OS 95 will anew arise, I will use immediately DOS. 🙂


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