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  • Good read and in my opinion to answer the title question I personally say yes because if you ask me the bigger browsers seem to be screwing up more and more with forcing changes on users that are mostly unwanted or not receptive in the most positive of ways. Vivaldi has the potential and opportunity to do everything right and that starts with what I believe they are really trying to do and that's build a browser for the users based off the feedback and wants of the users. They do that and I believe Vivaldi will become more and more of a recognized competitor.

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    I think Vivaldi could incorporate built-in email, syncable contacts and calendar (with, say, Google) into the most flexible and configurable browser around, and become a killer productivity suite. This would distinguish it from the "just another browser" crowd, and would steal market share from all the browsers, from outlook, emclient. zimbra, evernote, Novell shareware, and you name it. A person could install Vivaldi and Softmaker Office (even the free version) and never need another MS app, while being able to run their small service business from their laptop and smartphone, with almost no other software.

  • Interesting read indeed. I think that a good product can always survive.
    First of all, Vivaldi won't have to compete with Chrome or Firefox, trying to become the next big player.
    The browser market is huge, even Opera's low marketshare around 1-2% equaled into millions of users, if you have a relatively small company, this could already be more than enough to survive.

    For me the most interesting part of that article was the last quite:

    "It takes the time it will take. I am a very long-term thinker in everything I do. I start in one corner, and I build, and I build, and I build," he says. "That's what I did with Opera."


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