Dual monitor Clipboard problem

  • I have a strange problem about copy/paste.
    If I use single monitor, copy/paste is normal. But if I use dual monitor ( main is 4K, sub is 1920*1200), the copy/paste doesn't work normally any more, can't copy any images to the clipboard, but text is normal.
    Is this a bug? I'm using Windows 10 latest stable and Vivaldi 1.5 latest version.

    PS: Find this problem only happens on Chromium based or Blink based browsers. Chrome and Vivaldi have the same problem. Edge and Firefox and IE and Opera are normal.
    PS2: I find that Chrome and Vivaldi will do the same thing. Both of them clipboard works normally when they're on the sub monitor ( the 1920*1200 monitor), but when they're on main monitor ( the 4K monitor ) the copy images doesn't work. So is this maybe a multi-mon support problem?

    PS3(important): This maybe leads to the result. I test 100%/150%/175% dpi mode on my 4K monitor. Vivaldi and Chrome exactly works normally in 100% dpi. 50% works normally in 150% dpi. Not works on 175% dpi. It maybe is the dpi support issue.


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