[Bug]Coming back from fullscreen video moves the tab scroll bar to the top

  • First post here, Vivaldi is awesome overall, long time user of Opera and Chrome, now Vivaldi is my main browser.

    My main setup involves lots of tabs open(100+). I also have the tab bar on the left side of the screen.

    I noticed a strange behavior(bug maybe): when I view a video in fullscreen mode(youtube or netflix) and exit the fullscreen mode of that video, it takes me to the top of the tab list.
    Not sure if this is the intended behavior, I would have expected to have the tab scroll bar at the bottom, where the active tab with the video is located.

    TL;DR: when exiting a fullscreen movie, the tab scroll bar is reset to the top, even though my active tab is at the bottom.


  • I noticed this as well for the same reason (lots of tabs).

    I've not created or searched for other fullscreen bugs but they definitely exist, including:

    • Win7 taskbar set to auto-hide won't show on mouseover if Vivaldi has returned from F11 fullscreen mode (haven't checked if fullscreen video also does it)
    • The two fullscreen modes (F11 and Ctrl+F11) seem to confuse each other when toggled together or used multiple times. Can easily get in a state where F11 will do nothing or trigger a screen flash but the UI doesn't change.

    Biggest issue is the tab bar scroll position, for sure. Wouldn't mind a Setting for "Keep active tab visible in tab bar", which might fix this issue.


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