Email service is virtually unusable

  • For the past 3 weeks, using your email serivce has become a very painful experience. When trying to delete emails, it takes forever to reload and most times, throws an error: Right now, I can't even connect. Error is "connection to storage server failed" There must be an infrastructure issue going on. Is anybody else having problems using webmail?

  • Heck, even this forum takes too long to load and sometimes shows a 502 error with that Cloudfare error message.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for reporting the issues and sorry for the trouble you experienced :pinch:
    We had quite a bit of surge in usage since the launch of Vivaldi browser and concurrent connections we allowed has to be increased.
    Can you try again please? It should be working fine now.

    We are working on some infrastructure upgrades along with Mail upgrade.
    Stay tuned!

  • Seems to be workign ok now. Still a bit slow, but thanks.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Thanx tatsuki…

    No error messages this evening.

  • Unfortunately, it's baack to square 1. Email service is horrible to use. Please check your system, please.

  • Is any othre person having problems with the email or is it just me?

    this is really, really painful. Even just clicking to read an email logs me out.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are sorry for the problems you have been experiencing.
    Like Tatsuki mentioned we have had quite the surge in users here on
    We have made some changes and you should be able to login now.

    Please let us know if you keep having problems logging in.


  • The real problem is not about logging in, but that reading emails is painfully slow. Most time I click to read or delete an email, it fails to load and shows a error "falied to load message from server."

    Jut this minute I tried to delete an email and it failed with " could not connect to ssl:….993"

    That's the real problem.

  • hi, yes, i've been having problems for a couple of weeks now as well. i get error messages of one kind or another daily e.g., "connection to IMAP server failed" "could not load message from server", something about not being able to authenticate, or sometimes the inbox comes up as empty, or even just a blank field with the strange 'ball in a box' picture. it's really proving problematic. and when i try to open attachments, or even print them, the action rarely completes… i'm sorry to say that i might be moving if this isn't fixed soon.

  • Hi, i confirm all the above messages. It's horrible to read my mails or to move them from a folder to another. The messages errors are that are previously quoted. This happens for a couple of weeks, but becomes stronger these days, especially in the afternoon and the evening.
    That is working : writing and sending mails, fortunately !
    Impossible to continue during several weeks in that conditions !!!!

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