Vivaldi takes 5-10 minutes to open with no tabs. Also, memory usage sky-rockets.

  • I have a problem with Vivaldi where it takes 5-10 minutes for the browser to open even if there are no tabs open. In fact, sometimes to get the browser to appear on my screen I need to click on the icon 2 more times. Also the browser used to be decently speedy and I could have dozens of tabs open but now it struggles at 10 and my memory skyrockets.

    I noticed this problem started around 1.3. (or maybe even 1.2) I want to downgrade to 1.2 so the browser is more responsive but I can't find any previous versions online. I also don't want to use another browser for what I use Vivaldi for because because Firefox has the tendency to lock up on some sites I open lots of tabs for and if I understood correctly, the engine Vivaldi uses separates each tab into a separate process. I also find it hard to keep track of tabs without vertical tabs. My friends make fun of me but its true. Thus Chrome and Chromium are out of the picture.

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  • There really should be a sticky about the high disk activity Chromium bug which might cause slow performance and broken functions like saved passwords since cleaning the profile directory isn't needed when just deleting 2 Top_Site* files (or changing the attribute to readonly at the cost of losing the bookmark editor) is all that is needed to restore functionality.


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