My thoughts

    • Downloads not showing the speed of downloading
    • Option to add extensions into side panel.
    • I don´t get why my page have to resize just because I want to see progress on my downloads, etc.. Why don´t you just add option like a "pint it" for those who want to make it static. It looks horrible on small displays.
    • Why is there white light around the icon in side panel.

  • Moderator

    @axyzacik said in My thoughts:

    • Downloads not showing the speed of downloading

    It's expected to be improved in the future. In the meantime you could use vivaldi://downloads, which is a little bit more useful than the download panel.
    The main drawback is that you have to open it manually every time you download a file (but you can save it in your bookmarks or in the speed dial, or pin the page).


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