Google Discontinuing Chrome Apps (save on Chrome OS)

  • I've known Vivaldi for only a few days, so I've been wondering: How will Vivaldi's team react to this?
    Will there be native extensions by the developers, or a growing community?

  • Moderator

    Apps are apps. Extensions are extensions. Extensions are unaffected by the deprecation of the apps. If Chrome somehow limits the app API that ships with Chromium so that it will only run Chrome-hosted apps, we're kind of stuck with that. If they simply cease to support non-hosted apps but don't blackball them, then they will still run in Vivaldi.

    Apps are basically just web pages. For those with special built-in settings or functions, Vivaldi may eventually craft its own API to support them. But as a rule, things dropped by chrome will not be practical to maintain in Vivaldi.

    There are already some extensions built by Vivaldi devs and testers, they just aren't advertised as such, because they run on Chrome, Opera etc. as well. One way or another, Vivaldi will always seek to have the most options and the greatest range of choice of any browser, but the Vivaldi philosophy seeks to build as much of that in to the browser as possible, to maximize efficiency so that extension bloat can be controlled.


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