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  • Hey there,

    this is a question I posted in a wrong part of the forum an hour ago:

    • I've run into a bit of trouble for the time being. Is it an issue with made-for-Chrome extensions, a browser's issue or a mistake that I made that not all extensions I installed show up in the button field next to the search bar? There are only the buttons for Ublock Origin and Acrobat Reader, but I can't add others under 'vivaldi://extensions'. So I can't even find a way to open them. Or is there any other way to run an extension like, say, an epub reader?

    Did I get this right? All working extensions should appear next to the search bar by default, without further user input?

    More specifically, I've been trying to bring an epub reader to run. So far, the only one that seems to work at all is Readiator, but I only managed to run it by "accident" so to speak: I found the id somewhere and created a bookmark for chrome-extension://<ID>. However, this is the only extension where this workaround does the trick. It doesn't work with Google Play and a few others for a reason.

    Is there a comprehensive list of Chrome addons working with Vivaldi without a hitch?

    Let me say "thank you" in advance to anyone willing to help. Cheers!

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    @muck - Not all extensions fully work with Vivaldi. Many do, especially some of the most popular. Not all have icon appearance. Others, even with icon appearance, don't work or don't work right.

    Vivaldi has not tested the hundreds of thousands of extensions to find out which ones work without a hitch.

    There are two topics, https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/8129/list-of-incompatible-extensions and https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/7509/working-extensions-for-vivaldi where users have listed extensions that do and don't work. That's the best we can do at the moment.

  • I was curious about your report so I did a bit of digging. It turns out, Readiator is not an Extension but an App, and when you install it for Google Chrome, you also don't get an extension icon.

    If you go to vivaldi://apps, you'll see that it is listed there.

    So, the two main lessons here are:

    1. You want to pay close attention to whether an item on the Chrome Web Store is actually an extension or an App. It looks like, unfortunately, you don't see this on the item's page itself, but if you search for its name, you'll see whether it is listed in the App section or the Extensions section.

    2. If an extension does not seem to work properly, it is usually a good idea to quickly test whether it behaves the same for Chrome as it does for Vivaldi. If it does behave the same, you know that there is no compatibility issue with Vivaldi and instead, either the extension is broken or it works differently than you expected.


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